About us


The company was founded in 1953 by Efstratios Serraios with activity in the tinplate industry and then expanded to thermohydraulic installations. The company takes the form of “General Partnership” in 1987 with the entry of his two children and became “SERRAIOS EFSTRATIOS & SONS GP” This name became synonymous with reliability and quality from an early stage, always focusing on customer service and satisfaction.

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All these years, under the new management of his children, the company expands its activities in other sectors, such as: imports, wholesale-retail trade of sanitary ware, tiles, faucets, plumbing, cooling-heating, solar and various of tools for the professional and the private individual, representing dozens of branded houses, covering every requirement according to the client’s needs.

Since 2001 the company has been moving to its new privately owned facilities at 1st km Xanthis – Kavalas offering showroom comfort, parking and an incredible range of wall tiles, flooring, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, batteries, sinks, water heaters and heating-cooling equipment, investing in long-term relationships of trust with its customers and suppliers.

The company’s staff has knowledge and experience providing immediate personalized service by proposing solutions that will satisfy the needs and wishes of each customer.

In recent years, the company’s development path has led it to become one of the leading Greek businesses trading tiles and sanitary ware in Northern Greece.

Its vision is to be a pioneer and innovative company in the sectors it operates in and to provide superior quality and high value competitive products to all of its customers that will ensure the improvement of their quality of life but most importantly to always be by their side with respect and honesty, responding quickly and reliably to their requirements.